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(Name changed to protect his identity)

Muhammad lives alone at home in East London. He contracted the Covid-19 virus on 22 nd March 2020. He called the emergency services and was told to self-isolate.

Muhammad went through a lot of hardship, finding it difficult to breathe and move due to the pain all over his body and chest. Despite the difficulties Muhammad continued to clean and disinfectant his small studio flat. This made him extremely uncomfortable and the pain intensified leaving him feeling breathless.

Eden Care UK quickly enlisted two trained befrienders to offer telephone befriending to Muhammad during this time. Over the coming weeks, Muhammad experienced days of weakness and thoughts of giving up. Through the continued support of the befrienders, he drew strength from his faith and endured.

During this period Muhammad was admitted into hospital twice due to finding it extremely hard to breath. Both times he was seen by a doctor and was sent back home to recover. Muhammad found several remedies that helped him and shared his experience on videos. On 27th April 2020, Muhammad messaged the Eden Care team to say he has made a full recovery from the Covid-19 virus.