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Sylhet Aid

Our Vision

We provide lasting support and poverty alleviation to those in need.

We want to deliver aid to the poorest community in the Greater Sylhet region and provide poverty alleviation to those in need.

The first generation of British Bangladeshi community are rapidly disappearing due to return migration and natural causes. Sylhet Aid is continuing the good work of our elders by providing support and delivering aid to the poorest communities in the greater Sylhet region.

Sylhet Aid is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust.

What We Do

Through Sylhet Aid we provide the following projects:

1. Winter Aid
2. Ramadan Food Packs
3. Emergency Aid
  a. Medical Assistance
  b. Housing Repairs
  c. Marriage Fund
4. Tubewells
5. Dignity Toilets

Winter Aid

Every Winter our UK volunteers raise funds to support the rural poor in Sylhet and support them by providing winter blankets during extremely cold weather.

We also provide sewing machines to help people to become economically independent and wheelchairs to improve accessibility and mobility for people with disabilities.



Ramadan Food Packs

For most of us Ramadan is an exciting and treasured month however for the 3.3 million Bangladeshi’s living in extreme poverty Ramadan is a stressful and trying time. Families trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty do not have food to eat on a daily basis.


Our team at Sylhet Aid provide a family of four with one food pack which is enough to sustain them for the whole month.


Emergency Aid

Our Emergency Aid initiative support people in rural poverty with medical assistance, housing improvements and supporting people with getting married.

Medical Aid
We support emergency medical treatments for the rural poor up to the value of £600.

Home Repairs
We carry out roof repairs and basic housing repairs for the rural poor up to the value of £600.

Marriage Fund
We support couples in rural Sylhet who lack funds for their wedding up to the value of £600.


Many of the rural poor do not have access to fresh clean drinking water. Many travel long distances to drink clean water. Others drink pond water which has water borne diseases.

We aim to provide safe clean drinking water to poor families in rural villages through the installation of tubewells.




Our Programmes

Eden Care UK
We want to improve the quality care for people who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life.
Muslim Burial Fund
We want to bury Muslims in need with dignity and in accordance with their wishes and faith.
Sylhet Aid
Providing poverty alleviation & aid to the poorest communities in the Greater Sylhet region.
Through RescueOrphans we support orphans within their communities and keep them safe.