• Why Are You Helping?


    The worst earthquake in over a century has struck south-eastern Turkey near the Syrian border. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake and its aftershocks has devastated the region.

  • Who is Impacted?


    The total death toll from the earthquakes that struck southwest Turkey and northern Syria on Monday has climbed to above 20,000. A tally expected to rise every day.

    (Al Jazeera, 9th Feb 2023)

  • What We Plan To Do?


    We want to show support by providing with emergency relief through our UK partners Human Relief Foundation.

Earthquake Appeal

Human Relief Foundation


International aid is urgently required to assist local emergency services to save the lives of those still trapped and provide food and shelter for those displaced by the destruction.


Human Relief Foundation is ready to mobilise our partners on the ground in Turkiye and Syria to provide food, shelter and blankets to those in desperate need.


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Please donate now to help us help those affected by this terrible situation.


Earthquake Appeal

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