• Our Vision

    We want to improve the quality care for people who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life. We want the elderly in our community to be better valued and are treated with greater dignity, care and respect.

  • Our Mission

    To offer friendship, care and sense of belonging to members of our community who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life and to tackle social isolation for older people.

  • What We Plan To Do

    We befriend people who are terminally ill and those reaching End of Life.

    We provide dignity, care and sense of self-worth through friendship.

    We advocate for quality of care and enhanced life choices.

    We tackle social isolation for older people through befriending and social activities.

Eden Care UK

Doreen, 74 years old

Doreen is a Service User at the Sundial Day Care Centre.

Doreen attends regular art sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. She is engaged and focused every session. She really enjoys the art workshops.

“I like doing art. I haven’t done any since school. It relaxes me and it’s really enjoyable”.

Many of the day care users have dementia and other frailties. Art classes helps them to remember the past and stimulates their minds. It helps with their coordination and manual dexterity.


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We also provide a Rapid Response Service to people who are reaching End of Life. During the final hours we provide support to their family and friends and most importantly the service users.


Eden Care UK

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