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“Gave me peace of mind on the day of the funeral…”

  • Rescue Orphans

    “RescueOrphans is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust. Through RescueOrphans we support orphans within their communities and keep them safe.”

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  • Sylhet Aid

    “Sylhet Aid is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust. Through Sylhet Aid we deliver aid to the poorest community in the Greater Sylhet region and provide poverty alleviation to those in need.”

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  • Muslim Burial Fund

    “Muslim Burial Fund is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust. Muslim Burial Fund offer assistance and support to needy Muslims to meet the traditional burial cost. This includes the washing, shrouding, funeral prayer and the actual burial. We do not support the cremation of any Muslim persons known or unknown.”

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  • Eden Care UK

    “Eden Care UK is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust. Eden Care UK is BAME led service by people who have lost loved ones through terminal illness. We are a friendly intervention setup to provide support and empower the terminally ill and those reaching End of Life. We also work together with community partners to deliver social and recreational activities for older people and address social isolation.”

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  • 13 Rivers Trust

    “13 Rivers Trust are an energetic and dynamic charity which focuses its work around needy individuals and communities left behind by mainstream society. 13 Rivers Trust celebrate the contribution made by our elders and emulate their good practice of helping others. We seek to create new opportunities and actively use modern tools to effectively deliver our services. 13 Rivers Trust is a registered charity (1161219) and company (9300481).”

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