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Bangladesh Floods – Update Jun 22

28 Jun, 2022

In Bangladesh people have been affected by monsoon floods from heavy and persistent rainfall which has forced thousands of people to abandon their homes. The downpours have caused extensive damage to houses, water sources, food stores, farmland and roads.

Before this week’s rains, the Sylhet region was still recovering from what was then its worst flooding in nearly two decades late last month.

Monsoon rains have caused widespread flooding in north eastern Bangladesh and India, stranding nearly 6 million people and killing at least 41 people. The flooding in Bangladesh, described by a government expert as potentially the country’s worst since 2004, was exacerbated by the runoff from heavy rain across Indian mountains.
Al Jazeera – 19th June 2022

“Much of the country’s northeast is underwater and the situation is getting worse as heavy downpour continues,” said Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, chief administrator of Bangladesh’s Sylhet region.
Reuters – June 18th 2022

Wave 1 Support 
Wednesday 18th May 2022
Thanks to generous donations from the first week of the crisis we have already provided relief packages to affected families. This included 625 food packs and 24 boats to families stranded by the floods.

Wave 2 Support
Monday 20th June 2022Our charity then provided a second round of support as the flood worsened in June 2022. We have a field team in Bangladesh who provided us information of the situation on the ground and we responded fluidly.

We were unable to provide our normal food packs due to people’ homes being flooded. With no access to cooking facilities, we provided 770 dry food packs and 5,300 cooked meals.

Our local Sylhet Aid team were working in extremely tough conditions with limited access to electricity and internet. The road network in Sylhet were also largely covered in flood water making travel and transport of aid extremely difficult. Also, this time around boats were no longer available to purchase.

What We Plan To Do

We organised a Channel S TV Appeal on Saturday 25th June. Thanks to generous donations from donors and the water levels receding we will now revert back to giving normal food packs that people can cook.

Currently we are in the process of planning and organising the practical ways we can help people in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Over the next 3 months we will be providing the following: Food Packs, Housing Repairs, Essential Aid, Medical Support and Boats.