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Love Orphans

Love Orphans DONATE NOW Help orphans in Bangladesh Love Orphans Who are you helping? Your donation will help orphans in Bangladesh, specifically in the Sylhet region. Why does this matter? In Bangladesh, 5.8% of children have lost either one or both parents. Half of them live in extreme poverty. What difference will this make? We’ll […]

Palestine Appeal 2023

Palestine Appeal 2023 Who are you helping? Your support will help children and their families in Gaza. We want to provide pyschological support and emergency relief to enhance resilience. What We Plan To Do? We will work with the Palestine Trauma Centre to deliver theatrical skecthes, clown shows and entertaining activities for children and their […]

Qurbani Appeal 2023

Qurbani Appeal 2023 Who are you helping? Your support will ensure that families in Bangladesh can enjoy the blessings of Qurbani and experience the joy and abundance of Eid al-Adha. Why You Should Help? There are many families who often go without access to nutritious food and face tremendous hardship. Where this will take place? […]