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Give every Muslim an Islamic burial

Why do we exist?


Not everyone can afford the cost of a burial.
This means some Muslims are left in morgues for months or may be cremated by the council.

Why do we need your donation?


We want to make sure all Muslims get buried in an islamic manner regardless of their finances or status.

What impact will your donation have?


The average cost of a funeral is £4100. We need your donation to bury our societies most vulnerable.
We also want to provide end of life support to the sick and elderly.

People like you helped bury Margaret

Margaret’s story: Margaret, 70, reverted to Islam over 10 years ago. She had passed away at Royal London Hospital and her body was yet to be released by the Coroners. 

She was childless and on low income. Her distraught husband sought financial and logistical support with the burial.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to provide Margaret with an islamic burial. This is the right of every Muslim.

Our beneficiaries

Muslim Burial Fund is targeted at Muslims who face difficulty and hardship.

Muslim Burial Fund supports those who are eligible for zakat and are socially isolated.

This includes:
• Students
• Elderly people residing in care homes
• People with no legal status in the UK
• People with limited family support
• Muslim Reverts

Our Programmes

Eden Care UK
We want to improve the quality care for people who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life.
Muslim Burial Fund
We want to bury Muslims in need with dignity and in accordance with their wishes and faith.
Sylhet Aid
Providing poverty alleviation & aid to the poorest communities in the Greater Sylhet region.
Through RescueOrphans we support orphans within their communities and keep them safe.